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Note: Website Google ranking will improve with ANY type of SSL certificate

All SSL certificates listed on this website are Domain Validation (DV) SSL certificates which are the best choice for Individuals and Small & Medium Businesses to get started with encryption of transferred data with a basic level of trust. These certificates are the easiest to enrol for and the quickest to issue.

If you are looking for OV & EV SSL certificates, they are available at the links below:

In the case of DV SSL certificates, any recommendation we give will depend on a number of factors starting with the Brand you go with to assure trust in your business to your specific requirements vis-a-vis SSL product features available.

The type of SSL certificate should be selected based on your requirements:

Certificate type & usage Standard Wildcard Multi-Domain Multi-Domain Wildcard
Any one hostname (subdomain) on a domain /
All subdomains of one domain /
Multiple hostnames on different domains /
(not available here)
All subdomains of different domains / / /
(not available here)


The brand & sub-brand of SSL certificates should be selected based on the scale of encryption desired:

Brands Sub-Brand Economy
High Value
(Small Ecommerce)
(Large Ecommerce)
RapidSSL RapidSSL / FreeSSL Cool    
GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium   Cool  
Thawte SSL 123   Cool  
Comodo PositiveSSL Cool    
Essential SSL   Cool  
SSL     Cool


Our SSL Certificate recommendations based on features, price & warranty:




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